VM152 automated slow on/off

Hi everyone,

I bought 2x VM152.
But I wasn’t able to configure the device to automated slow on/off. I followed the steps in the description “keep button 4 pressed and press button 3 briefly” and also “keep for a second button 8 & 7 pressed”.

Both actions result in a constant fluctuating brightness of the light (like some sort of demo mode), this appears to be with both devices…

Could anyone please help me out with this one?


We do not understand. The effect you get is the automated slow on/off mode…

I will try to clear it up a little bit!
In the past I already ordered a VM152, that version had the slow on/off mode. When power was turned on, the lamp slowly turned on. When the power was turned off, the lamp slowly turned off.

With those 2 new VM152’s the lamps don’t turn off and on slowly (instant on and instant off). But instead of slowly turning on and off they fluctuate (constantly changing off the brightness level). In other words, the lamp shines for let’s say 10%, then it turns to 100%, then again to 10%, to 100% and so on.

For short, the last versions I received do have other software (chip) or so and do not match the requirements for my purpose.

Sorry, but the software of the VM152 has always been like this, it has never been changed.
Probably, you are referring to another module.

All three modules are the VM152 (they where in the VM152 package though)

So if I understand correctly, you are saying that the slowly turning on and slowly turning off function is (and was) not available?? Why should people want a fluctuating light?

Is it a good idea to send the old chip so you could see that that one works differently? The transistor of the older VM152 is fried, but I guess that the chip is still alright…

The slow on/off mode is mainly intended for seasonal lighting e.g. at christmas.
You can return your VM152 for inspection, but please note that shipping/handling will be charged.
Maybe you can post a movie of the effect on YouTube, so that we can check if the operation is normal or not.

Hello, I have a question regarding the VM152.

Is there a way to adjust the length of the fading or the ‘slow-on’?
or, how long does it take by default?

I would like to use it to fade in an LED-Strip veeeery slowly (minutes) when power comes on.
Then just stay on.
(Would be nice if it slowly fades out when the power goes but this is not so important)
Does the VM152 work like this?
Somehow I dont understand the product sheet …


Sorry, this time is determined in the firmware and cannot be changed. It just takes a couple of seconds to fade from 0-100% and the same from 100% to 0.