I have an accountant VM147 that works perfectly, but I need the output to be activated when the set value is exceeded.
Now the output is only active while the programmed amount matches the counter.
Is it possible to change something in the circuit (jumper, resistance, etc…) for this function?

For Example:
Preset value = 100

99 Output-> Off
100 Output-> ON
101 Output-> ON

100 Output-> ON
99 Output-> Off

Best Regards.

Sorry, this behavior is determined in the firmware and cannot be changed.

Do you have any other equipment that works as I need?

The VM147 uses a PIC16F627A …

Is it possible to modify the firmware to change the comparison “=” with “=>” somewhere in the PIC program?

Thank you.

Sorry, at this time we do not carry a product that suits your needs.
As for the pic firmware, we are afraid it is not an open source project, so we cannot release the code.