Vm144-telephone ring detector with relay output

Dear Sirs,
I have recently purchased the TELEPHONE RING DETECTOR WITH RELAY OUTPUT Module (Order no. VM144) from one of your dealers.
My main purpose for purchasing this device is to ring the FIRE BELL/SIREN and FLASHER/BLINKER (altogether) at the same time remotely by use of a telephone ring or mobile phone call.

I want to make sure of the connections because I dont want to damage the device because of erroneous connections. :frowning: Sorry, I’m a newbie and :unamused: no expert in this kind of stuff.

:question: May I ask how do I connect a 230V SIREN & BLINKER to the 24V 1A Relay? Do I need to use a Power Relay or I can connect directly the 230V SIREN and BLINKER to the relay?

I would appreciate if you can enlighten me on this and possibly a detailed diagram or illustration of the connection.

Thank you. Regards,

Kit is rated at 24VDC max, for safety purposes, so you cannot connect a 230VAC application directly to the relay ouput. Use an external relay instead.

thank you very much VEL417. Can you please give me any specification on the external relay so that i may be able to purchase it here in saudi arabia locally. sorry, i’m just a newbie… so i need to connect the 24VDC relay to the external relay, and the FIRE BELL/SIREN plus BLINKER will be connected to the external relay, is that correct? thanks again.

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