VM141 Countdown Timer


I’m looking for a countdown timer which can be battery powered and has the ability to add a buzzer or siren to it, to make some noise when the countdown has reached 0. It should also have a start and stop button, or the ability to add them. The timer should have a minimum of 1 - 2 hours.

I don’t have a lot of experience with electronics, but I know the basics. I’ve been looking at the products on the site, and I came upon this module:

VM141: velleman.be/be/nl/product/view/?id=369866#

This one has a start and a stop button, and the option to add remote pushbuttons to it. The timer range is more than enough. It even has LED-animation :slight_smile: But what I should need to know, is it possible to power this using a battery, and is it possible to add a siren or buzzer to the relais, which would make noice whenever the timer ends.

If there is a better alternative to do so, I’d be happy to hear. If not, any info on how to do what I’d like to accomplish, is more than welcome!

Thank you in advance!!

VM141 would be a good choice.
It can be powered from a 12V battery and you can connect a buzzer to the relay output.

Alright, first of all, a happy newyear and thank you very much for the info.

The buzzer should, if possible, produce some noise so you could hear it from about 10-20m distance, something in the range of the horn of a car. Do you have any recommendations on what buzzer or siren I’d use best?

And I was wondering, does the buzzer/siren needs to be powered seperatly from the module?

You can use the same 12V power supply. Buzzer: any buzzer will do, as long as the current consumption does not go beyond the specs of the VM141.

Nope, it’s just the VM141 with 2 external buttons, a battery for the power supply and a buzzer to make some noise. Thank you for the info.

I am also looking at this module for a home project. I may have to make a modification to it to work for my application. However I have been unable to locate a schematic for this module. Is there one available and does it use the 555 timer chip for its timing?