VM140 / K8061 - driver returns code 37 under WindowsXP

Can somebody help? I try to install the driver (Vista package) under WindowsXP and the install does not succeed. The driver returns a code 37, which (according to the Microsoft support site) means that the initialization did not succeed.

When i try it on another PC, the driver installs successfully and the board operates perfectly.


This is strange problem. Maybe there is some sort of conflict with some other drivers installed to the PC.

As a workaround you may try this:
You may use this newer Microchip’s MCHPUSB driver. This driver works in 64 bit OS too.
Here is a link to download the driver: box.net/shared/8ksvv3zl1o

You have to remove the old driver and install this one. You may check in the Device Manager the date of the driver should be 19/12/2007 and version

Here you can download a demo program to test the operation of the card with this new driver:

You have to copy the K8061.DLL and the MPUSBAPI.DLL from this demo to the Windows’ System32 folder and maybe to your project folder.

You cannot use the K8061.DLL in the Vistapack. You have to replace it with the combination of the K8061.DLL and the MPUSBAPI.DLL from this demo folder.

Here is a link to download a full project in VB 2008 Express. It is using this new driver and these new DLLs.

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