Hi, how can I use the temperature sensor in the kit to use it as a probe with a 10cm wire? Thank you

Not sure we understand your question, please elaborate.

Sure, thank you for responding so fast. I would like to use the VM137 as a thermostat for a home-made fridge, though I would like to keep it outside the fridge and let only the sensor go inside (through a hole). I would therefore need to lengthen the wires that connect the sensor to the board (about 10cm). How would you do this? Do I need to buy a new sensor or can I keep the one provided? Thank you again, you’ll understand I’m a total newbie.

It is just a matter of soldering two wires to the sensor and adding a protective sleeve to protect the sensor from moisture.

Thank you very much. Would some cling film (standard kitchen wrap) be enough to protect the sensor from moisture?

That would not be a solution according to good engineering practice, but for testing it should be ok.

Thanks again and sorry for insisting, but what would be a safe long-lasting solution to protect the sensor?

A waterproof shrink-tube would be a good solution. Available from most electronic parts retailers.

Thank you very much, extremely helpful.