VM134 Help


I just got a VM134 board (pre-assembled) with some PIC10F200 and PIC12CE518 microcontrollers. I got these as a hobby, just to learn something new and have fun. I understand I can use the C language to program these chips. Honestly, I don’t even know how to use the board yet. I guess I’m stuck at level one.

Does anyone happen to know where I can find more information from the jumpers on the board to the placement of the chip in the big blue socket to actually programming it in C? I’m okay with buying a book if one is highly recommended.

Thanks for any help and advice!

Personally I use the PICKIT2, wonderful product if you want to learn PIC programming and you’re starting from scratch. It has some basic components to play with (LEDs, etc) and plenty of examples. You don’t even need a background in electronics, which was a plus for me. Also, it’s from Microchip, which has a lot of documentation and freeware compilers (C, asm, …). And it uses USB! So if you have budget I’d VERY much recommend this.


I guess the VM134 is for more advanced users that just need a programmer and already know how to get around