VM130T Car Powered

Hello there.
I want to hook up this transmitter to my car, using the lighter output to power the remote whenever the car has the key on 1st position or is powered on.
Will the 14,4 volt from the working car damage the transmitter, keeping in mind that it will be powered for undetermined long time periods?

Also, i want to connect both channel buttons by linking the two circuits so that whenever i press one button it activates the other channel. Activating both channels at the same time will hurt the transmitter?

Thank you for your input.
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João Lima

Sorry, this has never been tried. Transmitter has been designed for floating application (i.e. no long wires attached to the power supply input).
Please experiment.
Please take a look at the schematic of the K8059 (identical to VM130T) before you attempt to bridge any buttons.

Thank you for your reply.

I’ve bridged the buttons without problem and they work. I just don’t have any way to check if it is ok to the transmitter to transmit both channels at the same time, power wise per example.
About switching the power source to the car’s 14.4v i haven’t tried yet, but i’ve read here on the forum that someone managed to connect successfully the transmitter to a motorbike’s high beam which i believe to have the same voltage. I’m afraid that the alternator and the battery is too strong for the transmitter.
Do you believe that this could happen? cable-wise is not very distant since i’m going to pull power from the car’s lighter socket that is about 5cm under the transmitterFOB.

The only reason i want to do this is to make sure that it doesn’t activate nothing while the car is unattended on the garage.
I’ve transformed one button from the original panel on a Smart FORTWO car to open my garage and switch on the lights.

Thank you.

Should work fine with 14.4V