VM130 Rely timer


I have a small problem whit the VM130

Im using it for a claypigon thrower app.
im using the 0,5 sec. timer.
The problem is, it woks fine at close range up til 4-6 meters, but when the range is 8-30 meters, the timer holds the rely just for 0,1 or 0,2 sec longer??? and the resluts in it throwing 2 claypigons insted of 1…

any ideas???

Due to reduced reception, you get small interruptions in the data stream from the transmitter.
Try relocating the receiver or the antenna.
Are you controlling an electric motor with this device? Interference from the motor can cause this behaviour. Adding an external relay can help.

I have relocatet the unit, did not help…

i am not the bedst at elektroniks…
how do i mount the externel Relay?? and what type? and do you have a schematic for this?

Are you controlling an electric motor with this device?


and its powede by a 12 V Car batt.

This will be difficult to solve.
Basically, you should add a relay so that the motor current does not pass trough the VM130 relays and control this relay with the VM130 relay.
Furthermore, it might be required to use a separate power supply for the VM130 and the additional relay. Experimenting will show if this is necessary or not.


I am gonna try some things and return whit some resluts.

but Thanks for the help so far.