Hi there,

The VM118R (K8058) 8-channel RF remote can be used for the 8-channel RF receiver VM118 (K8056) or the 1-channel RF receiver VM119.
For my purpose in my living room I need a receiver wich has NO together with NC relaycontacts. (To use the receiver together wth a normal switch for the lighting)
Because of lack of space to place the receivers, I prefer to use 2-channel or 4-channel RF receivers together with the 8-channel VM118R remote. I am not able to use 8 separate VM119’s.
Is there any kit or module I can use for this purpose? Or can the 2-channel receiver VM130 be modified for use together with the VM118R?

Thank you for your help.


Sorry, there are no 2 or 4-channel receivers in our range that work with the VM118R.