VM116/K8062 on Linux

Hi ,

I’m a french student and i’m currently working on my school project.

To do this I used a velleman card (VM116/k8062) and a linux distribution ( Mint) .
But i’m have some difficulties sending data to/recognising the card…
I noticed that with commedi drivers and the uses of the vmk80xx dirver, my card is detected like a VM140. can some one help me ?

i want to made my own application in c++ with QT framework but the dll doesn’t exist with the extention " .so "

Hello @theGreatStudent

A tu minutieusement recherché sur le forum ?
N’y a t’il pas des possibilités d’utiliser une dll même sous linux surtout en c++ (enfin a condition que la dll soit un minimum compatible … sinon, wine ? mono ? …)
Bonne continuation !

Have you thoroughly researched on the forum?
Are there not possibilities to use a dll even under linux especially in c++ (well a condition that the dll is a minimum compatible … if not, wine? Mono? …)
Good continuation !

Hello @theGreatStudent

Maybe this can help you further,

K8062 For Linux (sourceforge.net)


Raspberry Pi As a DMX Light Controller : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Download; Protocol manual / DLL.
Software development kit


Best Regards,
Velleman Support

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