VM111 Problems

When i try to program via ICSP the ProgPic2 says “No pic on board, Programmer must be set to PGM…”

I messure the votltage on VPP and GND on the ICSP connector whit SW5 in PGM mode and had only 9.5 volt, isen´t that to less?

If i put the PIC in the socket onboard of the programer there is no problems.

The incoming voltage is ok 12.24V DC.

What is wrong?

Here is the shematic of the dev board the pic is on, the DEV boards ICSP connector have 6 pins and VM111 only 5 pins, i tryed just to connent the first 5 pins, can that be the problem? The PIC only need 2 wires for ICSP or??

The normal programming voltage of a PIC is 13V.
9.5 V is indeed too low.

Please read also
[forum.vellemanprojects.eu/t/k8048-supply-voltage-should-be-15v/1161/1) (The incoming voltage is ok 12.24V DC is also too low, should be >= 15V) and

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