Vm111 - k8048


I am running your software on a Windows8 64 bit machine.
I am using a USB to Serial converter lead.
I am using your software PicProg2009 Version
I have a PIC16F628-04/p chip.
I select 16F628 from the drop down list.
The software keeps telling me “The settings don’t match the Pic in the programmer”
I have tried other Pic types such as 628A / 627 from the drop down list but no luck.
What do you think the problem is ?

Thanks, Dave


USB to RS232 port converted will not work with this unit.
You need a native serial port
Also make sure you are using an unregulated 12 volt or regulated 15 volt power supply.
The com cable needs to be a straight through cable.

Thank you for your reply.
I will get a PCI Serial board for my computer.
Seems new motherboards don’t come with serial ports these days.

Giga Byte mainboards do … you just have to buy an adapter bracket to bring the on board COM port to the outside. For 5 or 6 euro, you’re done!