VM110N windows 7 x64 booting problem

Hi Velleman

I am having trouble with the VM110N board.

The board works fine if I plug it into the USB port after windows has started.

But if I try to start windows (cold boot/warm reboot) while the VM110N is plugged in - then the boot sequence never completes but instead starts a reboot cycle.
The Windows bootup sequence starts the animation with the coloured dots - but before the dots complete, the machine reboots

So with the board plugged in, Windows always fails to boot and sometimes goes into the “Repair installation” menu.

Once the board is unplugged, then Windows returns to booting normally.

Please help
Any advice greatly appreciated.


Maybe your computer is trying to boot from USB?
Here seems to be two about similar cases:

As a solution you may try separate USB HUB.