VM110 - trigger a flashmovie via a bicycle

I have a slight issue

  1. I need to set up a project where there is a bicycle connected to a computer. When the dynamo (generator) kicks in (somebody begins to ride the bike) the interface must trigger a flashmovie/animation (start a function within.swf file)

= IS THIS POSSIBLE via the VM110 interface? :bulb:

How should I connect the dynamo to the interface? And which source code need I to let the flashmovie know it needs to start playing when the interface recieves a signal?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

[quote]IS THIS POSSIBLE via the VM110 interface?[/quote]Yes, it is.

You can use the analog input of the K8055 to detect the voltage.
Bicycle dynamos produce alternating current. You have to rectify the voltage before feeding to the K8055 input.

When the voltage is detected by the K8055 you can launch the .swf file from within your application.

Here an example written in Visual Basic 2008:
Add this to the declarations section:

Dim running As Boolean = False

Add this to the Timer1 event handler:

Data1 = ReadAnalogChannel(1) If Not running Then If Data1 > 100 Then Process.Start("test.swf") running = True End If End If

I used the latest Visual Basic 2008 demo as the starting point.
The test.swf was located in the folder: \K8055DemoVB_2008\K8055Demo\bin\x86\Debug

Here is the link to download the latest software package for the K8055:
velleman.eu/downloads/files/ … rsion4.zip

The package includes several sample projects written in various programming languages.
Pleas read the “README.TXT” and the “K8055 & VM110 Getting Started.pdf”.

Thanks a lot man! I’ll dive into this project and let you know the outcome :wink: