VM110 compiling project with DevC++ W8.1

Can somebody help me :
I got the VM110 a few days ago.
It works fine using my old PC (Win XP) using DevC++

If i try to compilate the same project on my new PC (Win 8.1) the message is “DLL not found”,
although I have copied the DLL in folders system 32 et WOW64 .
The compiler is DevC++ 5.11. I am not familiar with adjusting the settings of the compiler;
it semms that the linker does not find the DLL.

Note that the stand-alone program made under XP works OK under W8.1.

How can I adjust the complier settings to normaly work under W8.1 ?
Is there something else to do ?
Thank you for answers.
Cordialement HP.

If not yet done, you can try following:
Select: Tools -> Compiler Options
There in the drop-down menu “Compiler set to configure” select a 32-bit option.

After doing this the compiler finds the DLL in the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64

many thanks ! ! !

It works perfect.

I was an expert in MSDOS…25 years ago, but since…


You’re welcome, I’m glad to be of assistance!