VM K8095: Correct position of the MP3 decoder


I need some help regarding K8095, three questions:

  1. Voltage regulator VR1 (UA7805) and voltage regulator VR2 (LM317) are according to the photo of the circuit board with the metal back pointing towards the buttons each. Is that correct? Or how they have to be soldered in?
  2. the MP3 decoder delivered looks different from the stylized drawing in the manual. Therefore I am not 100% sure which side has to be plugged into the port. There are contact strips on both the top and bottom, and one contact (top and bottom as well) is marked with “1”. In reality this is other than the picture in the manual. I have attached a photo to illustrate this question better. What is the top contact strip for?
  3. Is the LCD module Velleman LCD1602LSL suitable for the K8095 MP3 player and does it fit easily with the connectors on the board (J10) ?

Many thanks in advance! image

No, only the metal back of the VR1 should point towards the buttons.
Here you’ll see the right positions of VR1 and VR2.
The metal backs are marked with blue.

You must before installing divide the board to two parts: MP3 decoder board and LCD unit board.
Please see the illustrated assembly manual p. 5 for more info.

Not easily.
Please download Infosheet to see how to mount the optional LCD-display.
The suitable LCD is PC1602WRS-KWA-E

Dear all,

many thanks for your hints! Very helpful.

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