VM 111 programmer board

VM 111 programmer board.
Can I use the V111 board to make a copy of a pre-programmed 12F615 i/p 8 pin Motorola chip. I use this chip in my DC motor controller (PWM ) projects .
if so , please advise the cables I require in addition to the board and my Pc.
I am an absolute beginner in Pic programming , but keen to get started.

In most cases, pre-programmed ICs are read-protected and cannot be copied.
Not sure the software supports this PIC, please check the list.
If the unit is supported and if it is not read-protected, then you can read it and write the content to an empty pic, without the need for extra hardware.

Ok , thanks for your reply. Based on what you have advised, I will go ahead and give it a try.
Thank you

it proved to be write protected , !
thank you. Bubbles