Video Guide: Upgrade your Z-Axis with a TR rod on your K8200

I enjoy making Youtube videos as a hobby and recently decided to start upgrading my K8200. Since the z-axis is one of the weak points on these printers, and is one of the most commonly upgraded parts, I decided I’d make a quick video explaining how to switch it out for a nice trapezoid spindle and configure it in the firmware. Hopefully this will help guide any newer K8200 users looking to get the most out of their printers! Hope this helps some of you!

I had some very bad banding issues with mine and switching out the rod and a little configuration tweaking made the results night and day! Definitely worth the $40!

I enjoyed your video.
I noticed you have a few extra add ons on your printer, perhaps you should talk about them?
Kind regards,

Really nice video, but the audio level is quite low, isn’t it? :wink:

But the upper bearing is completely removed now?
I think that’s a bad idea. All vertical load is directly at the flexible coupler and motor now…