Vertex printing @ 135+ mm/s

Hello everyone,

thought I’d share this, because I think it’s frikken awesome :smiley:

While printing this, I looked around my Vertex to see if everyone runs correctly as I’m still tuning it (I have it for abnout a week now). I noticed that the bearing in the feeder was stuck, because some idiot (me) mounted the washers incorrectly, so I really wanted to fix this, but as it was printing normally I didn’t want to stop the print either. So I thought, why not see how fast it can go and ramped up the speed.

Nominal speed was 45mm/s overall, 42mm/s outer rim and 54mm/s infill, Velleman PLA 195°C
I ramped it up to 300% and it still worked. Sounded like it wanted to destroy itself and the table it’s sitting on, but it worked.
The speed was now 135mm/s overall, 126mm/s outer rim and 162mm/s infill.

This is the result:

The z-wobble (not fixed yet, but seen how) is really obvious at those speeds, but overall it came out pretty good. Dimensions were all correct, didn’t have to to anything but clear the holes before mounting it.

Here is a video of it printing:


Hi Sverenja,

cause i also like to drive fast ;-)) and i see you work on the filament attachment:

i mounted both filament spool-hangers more downward (left and right one), using the lower two holes for the upper mount and drilled 2 new holes underneath.

This transferred the center of gravity more to the bottom and shaking of the printer and the printbed reduces significantly.
(besides: the running-in of the filament becomes better and i was able to install a spring-loaded filament guidance)

That’s pretty awesome!! :smiley:

My nominal printing speed is always about 70mm/s and if i want fast something i print 150-200% more. Works like charm