Vertex K8800 motor problems


Ive got a vertex k8800 and it was running fine but suddenly one of the belt motors is going much faster then the other 2. Does anyone have an idea what is the cause of that.

Thx in advance

Hello @taco
I dont have a K8800 …
But if you are still using the original firmware and the Cura Version from Velleman, it can be :
a motor stepper driver défect
or the motor stepper driver VRef to adjust …
or the motor itself
or …

Hello @taco,

This is cause of a defective Stepper Driver IC on mainboard, (if one or more stepper motors running mush faster than others.) This can’t be repaired manually.

Mainboard must be replaced.

Best way to solve this.

Create (open) new ticket here on our service ticket platform:
So we can send you a new Mainboard. For complaint U can use this forum topic.

Best Regards,
Velleman Technical Support

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Thx for the reply. I will follow the link.

Where do i find the product code and reference?

Hello !
For the ref., I only found this :

Hello @taco,

For the reference code: You can give in: HKDELTA3D or K8800
Normally the code was placed on the box of printer
Or on the base unit, onto the lable next USB connector.

Hi VEL450

Thanks, i will try that.

Hello @taco

I have seen your created ticket, about your problem (one motor goes faster than others).
Mainboard needed.

To be able to proceed with your inquiry, we need your full postal address.
Can you post your full postal address on your service ticket, so we can send it to you?

Best regards,
Velleman support.

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