Vertex K8600 does not move from starting point


I’m new here and i just build my vertex nano printer.
Things are moving at the start of a different print jobs each time the printhead strats to go towards the right corner at the back side of the building area.
Than the print head moves only a few mm to left and right again and again spitting a lot of plastic.
So much plastic that it builds up about 5-6 mm hihg and 12 mm wide and then i stop the printing.
Can anybody help me with finding a solution for this problem?


Greeting !

You must surely have to check the assembly. (no areas of high friction due for example to a lack of parallelism of the smooth rods, good tension of the belts and good tightening of the wheels and pulleys. 2 rods being to hard stuck on printer…)

Maybe a little lubrication to do (avoid basic WD40).

If not already, check after a “Home” that the displacements are coherent (X,Y and Z using a known size object for references ) and after if nothing suspicious, check that you are not in over-extrusions.

Hi, thanks for replying!
I checked all your points but they all are OK
The printer head moves nicely when called to home point and so on.
Problem is that the print file moves the printer head only a few mm left and right in the left back corner.
Now i found out that my object stands at that side of the print area outside the box in my Repetier program. So probably the program is trying to move the printer head in y direction outside the box but it can’t so it stays there making only the x direction moves?
I can’t find a way to get my object inside the box.
The button to move the object does not respond.
All other buttons such as changing the viewpoint do work.
Any idea how to solve this?

Sorry: left back corner must be right back corner

If from the control screen nothing is odd, then may be, a bad printer profile in your slicer.

As if you checked a “center in the middle of the build plate” … or an error in the dimension of the build volume …

Can you tell us which slicer you use?
Can you take a screenshot of the printer profile?
Can you send us a .gcode file where you have the problem?

Thanks for your reply. In the meantime i managed to improve things.
The object is now inside the print box in the Repetier program.
Printing is now normally starting and i even got one object completed!
The thing that worries me now is that the printe, after having printed to Z=10,5 or 10.8 mm, makes a sudden loud vibration noise for about a second and at the same time the X-axis values for the following print are all shifted, so the model builds on but on a wrong center x value. I quitted the printer in both cases in order to avoid a mess.
After restarting the print in one case the model was completed nicely.
I,m now printing the second model with this problem, so far so good.
Can you indicate what can cause this problem of X-value shift after a loud vibration noise of the X-axis belt and motor?

The problem of shift X-axis happened again for the third time with the second model.
It looks like the printhead builds up some extra plastic at the end of a separate part of the structure and when the printhead comes back to that spot there is some slightly cracking nois because the nozzle hits this outcrop of plastic. May be this is the caus of the X-shift?
I’m now going to change the orientation of the widest measure of the model from X direction to Y-direction. May be this helps?

The change of X direction to Y direction was an improvement, but there is still the problem of sudden chenges in the X-direction reference. The large model 80 mm length i printed this evening shows two spots where there is a sudden displacement in X direction of about 2 - 3 mm.
There were no signs of obstructions in any direction for the print head.
The change in X direction reference occurs suddenly without any noise or other clue.
It must be a problem in the software of the vertex printer, apparently this software is not stable.
What can i do to improve this?