Vertex K8400 Update firmware

I have a Problem with my Printer.
I just finshed to put my Printer together. I tried to update the Firmware. Now i do not have anything on the Display anymore.
If i try to update again, i got a lot of Errors when the Programm is compilieren.
what do i do wrong?

you posted in the K8200 forum.

You must use Arduino 1.0.6 to compile the firmware. The newer version can’t.

Don’t forget to plug the mains in when you’re uploading. With the USB connection alone it won’t work.

I use Arduino 1.0.6.
and the power is connected.

Did you put the jumper in?

yes the Jumper is placed.

The Errors are not by uploading. The Errors are by compiling.

I have seen where Internet Explorer does not download the firmware correctly.
You might try Fire Fox instead.