Vertex K8400 moving Z-axis

I know I can move x-axis and y-axis, but can I move z-axis?

Hello @Etienne51

Normally You can move the Z-axis.
Go to the menu => control printer => Move Axis => and choose 1mm or 0.1mm.
Normally then you should be able to move the Z axis.

The 7th entry in the CONTROL PRINTER menu is the MOVE AXIS menu. This menu lets you move the three axis (X,Y,Z → LEFT-RIGHT, FRONT-BACK, UP-DOWN respectively) manually. You can do this in 3 increments: 10mm , 1mm and 0.1mm . ****

Note that in the 10mm increment it is not possible to move the Z axis,
this has been done to reduce the risk of a printhead/build platform collision. Also make sure before you move any axis manually the printer has executed an AUTO HOME command as it will only travel in the direction of the ENDSTOP BOARD on each axis (safety measure).

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Velleman Support

Thanks for your answer. In the menu you suggest there is only provided the option of moving x and y axis. Z axis moving is not mentioned, maybe due to providing damage, as you mentioned.
Is it possible to move down the Z axis in another way?

Normally with original firmware, if you choose in “Move Axis” 1 or 0.1mm,
Z axis will shown in the list to controll. If you choose 10mm, then not possible and not shown in list.

Other way to move is by hand.

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Velleman Support