Vertex K8400 dual

Good. I am new to 3d printing and I only use Ultimaker cura to slice the models that I am making. I have a VERTEX K8400 printer with two extruders, someone knows what parameters I should use with this software to print with two nozzles. Thanks

Hello @FMS ,

Please follow these instructions (printing with 2 nozzles).

10. Printing with 2 nozzles (

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Hello !

To adapt to Ultimaker Cura, it will be necessary to install the plugin “Mesh Tools” in order to be able to separate in several parts a model intended for that of a .stl file

After for the settings of Ultimaker Cura for the double extrusion there I do not know. …

But already before embarking on double extrusion, it seems essential to know how to make a printing in single extrusion (flow, quality, …)

Good luck and don’t hesitate to share your achievements with us!

Hello PPAC, thanks for your opinion