Vertex K8400 - 2nd extruder is not loading filament


Wij hebben de Vertex K8400 in elkaar gezet.
Rechter extruder doet wat hij moet doen. Laad het filament.
Linker extruder heeft precies niet genoeg kracht om het filament te laden ?
Hoe kan dit ?

Mod edit (translated question to English)
We put the Vertex K8400 together. Right extruder does what he needs to do. Load the filament. Left Extruder does not have enough power to load the filament? How can this be?

Make sure the screw is not to tight.

Make sure this screw is tight

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also make sure the stepper driver has the right Vref vallue of 0.7-0.8V-ish as lower than 0.6V couses for alot of missed steps for me.

another thing to keep in mind is you load it manualy to set the right Tool-number in the control software. eg right side is probably Tool0 and left sude Tool1.