Vertex Delta K8800 replacement piezo sensors

It looks like one of my sensors has died on my printer making it unusable since bed levelling isn’t possible.

Does any one have a line on replacements for these? It seems they’ve completely vanished from all sites listing Velleman replacement parts and on the EU site it shows up but is marked as deleted.

Are there any other decent alternatives that folks know about? I’d hate to think I’m scrapping a printer for the sake of a £4 part :frowning:

@m1xzg Hi Robert, as far as i understand you should be able to use most replacements, RS components have a couple of them but id take a guess that you’d want all sensors to be the same.

Might be worth measuring the voltage the ones on the k8800 with a multimetre to try and match it. Though I assume the sensitivity dial on the back acts to boost the voltage from them so you could probably get 3 new ones from RS then trim it with that? They’re pretty cheap on there.

In the same boat here, after a lot of unreliable bed levelling then unplugged the sensors in turn and confirmed the one in the area it keeps crashing into the bed is definitely dead, the other two are OK.

Not yet found any specs for the sensors and can’t find anywhere that sells the official pack with the connectors and pads.

So would be interested to hear any info too!

I was actually able to get some from Velleman in the UK, they received some from Belgium in a shipment. So if you’re in the EU you should be able to order them directly.

I ended up opening a support ticket with Velleman and chatted with them to arrange for some to be sent to the UK distributor for me.


Due to adjustments in our warehouse, the spare parts for 3D printers are currently not available on the website. We are doing everything to put it back for sale on our website soon.

In the meantime, you can open a ticket for a spare part request on our customer care platform.
Customer Care Velleman

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

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Glad to hear the parts are available. I’m super happy to have my printer back after being offline for 9 months, mostly because I was fed up trying to figure out the issue. It was 1 simple little piezo speaker to blame LOL. I haven’t stopped printing all week!