Vertex Delta K8800 piezo sensors

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Found the forum brilliant after only recently buying a Vertex Delta K8800 :+1::+1:

The only issue I’ve had is after a number of successful prints the head started to crash to the print bed. After following some of the guides on here I managed to identify an intermittent fault on one of the piezo sensors. Unfortunately I learned the hard way they can’t be removed and re-sited.

I’m now desperate to buy replacements, found the following PIEZO SENSOR SPARE PART SET FOR VERTEX DELTA 3D PRINTER – Vertex 3D Printers but they are out of stock.

Can anyone recommend where I can source them?


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You can try it here:

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Hi Tom,
Thanks for this, do I need to configure these are is a pretty much one size fits all?
Do you know what size the wire to board connectors are?

Thanks again for the assistance.

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I think you can use the old wires to connect, these com without connectors I think.
Read also my other contribution to the site, because I made a lot of improvements for the K8800.
Good luck and if you need help, I react most of the time quick.

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Look here:

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this i got from Velleman in June!:

Due to adjustments in our warehouse, the spare parts for 3D printers are currently not available on the website. We are doing everything to put it back for sale on our website soon.

In the meantime, you can open a ticket for a spare part request on our customer care platform.
Customer Care Velleman

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Velleman Support

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