Vertex Delta K8800, new Firmware

I recently bought myself the K8800 and after the build problems started to occur, most of these I have been able to fix but one problem remains. on auto calibration the nozzle scrapes over the bed, I have found the solution on this forum, which was to change the Firmware to klipper or Marlin. as I am completely new to all this I have been trying to figure out how to do this but so far I don’t understand much about the changing of software. So my question is, which is better Klipper or Marlin, and how to install and use it.

Hello @Jan1

I don’t have a K8800 but using a K8400 I know how to configure and compile a Marlin (as I understood the K8800 originally uses a custom marlin) You can find some tips for this in:

I have not tried Klipper but it seems to be a “must try” you will find some thread on this subject on the forum! (try searching Klipper ?)

Have a nice day !
Edit : to get answers on some forums, you have to say “hello” and “thank you …” and show some search results … cause all of what i have said can be found via google search! :wink: