Vertex Delta K8800 lovers #4

Hi Vertex lovers,
This time something about needless bed leveling.
In Cura and Repetier, the standard contains the assignment to level the bed. To do this, the print head goes to auto home and cools down to 130° there, then it goes off the bed and back to prime. There it will heat up again to the print temperature. Well, if you have leveled your bed properly, then this is unnecessary. If you have calibrated the bed and saved it, then when you start up the K8800 it is actually ready to start immediately, it retrieves all data, including the calibration data.
By now removing part of the cfg text, it goes directly after auto home to the prime place to get up to temperature and when you have just changed the filament, it starts printing almost immediately. Seen this already 30 times in operation without anything going wrong.
If you have changed something on the print head or on the bed, then you have to calibrate and save again of course.
Go to the folder “Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 5.1.0\share\cura\resources\definitions” rename it “vertex_delta_k8800.def.json.” in “vertex_delta_k8800.def.json.copy”
Open the file with for example “Notepad++” go to line : 40 “default_value”: “; after the ; delete everything.
Then put the following line after it: Vertex Delta Start Gcode\nM0 Is my nozzle clean?\nM400\nG28 ; Home extruder\nM106 S128 ; Start fan\nG1 X0 Y100 Z1 F2000\nG92 Z0.9 ; Set Z position (SET Z OFFSET HERE → 1 - OFFSET)\nM107 ; Stop fan\nG90 ; Absolute positioning\nM82 ; Extruder in absolute mode\nM104 T0 S{material_print_temperature}\nG92 E0 ; Reset extruder position\nM109 T0 S{material_print_temperature}\nM117 Priming nozzle…\nM83\nG1 E20 F100 ; purge/prime nozzle\nM82 \nG92 E0 ; Reset extruder position\nG4 S3 ; Wait 3 seconds\nG1 Z5 F2000\nM117 Vertex Delta printing”
Then save the file again without the copy suffix. You will need to have administrator rights for all of this!
After this, you will be freed from needless waiting!!!
You can do the same for Repetier, just search, and you will find the file. However, I don’t use it anymore!
Wishing you a lot of printing pleasure again.
Kind regards,