Vertex Delta K8800 lovers #2

Hi Vertex Delta K8800 lovers,

  1. The extruder.
    The stock extruder remained, but gave problems, such as slipping not pulling back properly, so BZ 3D Dual Drive Bowden B-M-G Extruder High Performance purchased. Here I sawed out a bite to put in exactly the same place where the old one was, I removed the switch from the PCB. Then I made a printed holder that is placed on the extruder in which I put a roller switch and connected it to the PCB. Print glued to the holder. The extruder now actually works the other way around, but works perfectly.
    Because there is a considerable delay in the extruder, the E STEPS_P_MM should be set to 812.0, this was normally at 154.3. To guide the filament nicely, I designed and printed a new guide.

  2. Esun filament.
    Esun filament supplies filament with a hole in the roll that falls over the rotating holder of the Delta so that the filament just lies on the Alu. Created a new holder with a larger edge so that Esun filament also lies nicely on the holder.

  3. Magnetic balls worn out.
    With me, after six months of use, 10 of the 12 bullets have worn down to bronze! Have now purchased a magnet specialist of super magnets 12 new and proceeded to lubricate the balls with motor chain grease. The bullets are much stronger when it comes to magnetism than Velleman’s, hope they last longer with that new lubricant too. I can now grab the print head and move the whole thing in all directions without 1 rod coming loose!!!

So this was an upgrade, if interested I put all STL files on Thingiverse. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects
Hope the photos and video provide enough help, may also contact me directly at t.emmelot AT
Video on: Connecting...

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