Vertex Delta K8800 BuildTak order

Hi brother creators :slight_smile:
When i try to order BulidTak for Vertex Delta K8800 on this site i got “Out of stock”

Where do you buy? Is there alternative?

I am from Croatia so is hard to get something like this.

My current BuildTak is preaty hurt due bad pieso sensor and had crashing on bad…

Thanx for any help

@ivan.gkzd ,

If you are looking fore spare parts of Vertex printer:
It’s best to contact us on and open new ticket.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

That’s what I did because I couldn’t find spare parts for the K8800 printer just to get a reply from Velleman that spare parts for the K8800 are discontinued and no longer available from Velleman/Whadda.
So, it looks like customer care/service is non-existing at Velleman for a quite expensive 3D printer of 2 years old.

Hi All,

Look here:

Artikel nummer: DME00212
BuildTak standaard hechtplatform folie Ø 203 mm 21% € 11.50


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Thanks for the link Tom
It’s diameter is a bit smaller than the original one (203mm instead of 210mm) but I guess it’s big enough.