Vertex Delta - help for beginners


I’m pretty new to the world of 3d printers. At my job we bought a Delta for STEM workshops.
The assembly went smoothly and mechanically seems to work fine.
Calibration via the printer itself is fine. Calibrate height, auto calibration. I have a problem with bed leveling but most time works fine but when I try to print something, head crash on bed during bed leveling. Every time in the same spot. My Buildtalk is damaged now.
2nd problem is nozzle temperature. I download vertex_delta_keychain. Copy to SD card and try to print it. When print is started nozzle temp is 130 ° C, and the same problem is with Vertex delta Repetier. I load PLA filament before.

I try to print via Vertex delta Repetier but when I click “play” icon nothing happens. I have to go over Cura Slicer, but every time then my head crashes into bed and nozzle heats up to 130 ° C.

Pleade help, I am desperate. Is there a tutorial for Vertex delta Repetier and printer settings like temperatures …

I am control freak and I did everything by the book, but I need more books :slight_smile:
Firmware is Marlin 1.1.4

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Does this printer need some special PLA filament or I can use any I have as long diameter is 1,75mm?

Hello @ivan.gkzd

For the Bed levelling went wrong, it seems a calibration problem.
This problem can have different causes.

To solve this, is best to follow the Calibration throubleshooting guide.

Fot the Temperature: When 3D object is sliced via Repetier or Cura software. and saved to gcode on SD card.

Normally when you start print. the printer go in home position. The printhead heats up to 130C°
when reached, the printer performs the bed levelling compensation routine. It ends up fully backwards and a little bit above the printbed. Normally then the printhead should heat up to 200°C. When reached , it starts printing.

Hope this will solve the problem.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

Thank you for helping me.
I have try and check everyting I coud find including this .pdf you sent me but problem is still present with head crashing.
I found similar problem in this topic: K8800 - During bed levelling the head crashes on the bed - #9 by VEL450
I tried everything sugested in that topic but no result. It seams that bed leveling sensors are not good. I set sensitivity to max and still there is a problem on same spot.
Here, you can see it on my video. Sensitivity is set to max. You can also see damage to BuildTalk and head crash during bed leveling:

How can we solve this problem.
We purchase printer from

Thank you.

Hello @ivan.gkzd

According to what I see in the video, 1 sensor does not seem to work properly. (the front sensor, if the printer’s display is facing you).

You can open a new ticket via our customer service platform for spare sensor.

If you search for spare parts for Vertex Delta, you can find it here .

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

      1. Update.

I cleaned the bed with alcohol and now I have a problem when I need to remove the printed object. It’s pretty much glued.
Do you have any advice on how to remove the object without damaging the bed

Hello @ivan.gkzd

You can use a utility knife (box cutter) for this. On the side of the 3D object you can try carefully to
get a little bit under the object. Once under, place a spatula under the blade.
Remove now the knife, and with the spatula you can now loosen easily the object.

Best Regards,
Velleman Support

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i have new begginer question.

When I add support I get the space between the support and the object. That’s why the printer try to print in air and filament drops all over.
What am I doing wrong?

hi @ivan.gkzd

Look here in the Cura config:

Kind regards,

That’s it! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips!