Vertex Delta foot doesn't fit propertly

I have got a Vertex Delta which I bought from Pimoroni. I have started putting it together but one one of the feet does not screw it, it just slides in with hardly any resistance and falls out again. I tried swapping it with another foot, a different one screws into the hole I was using and the faulty one doesn’t screw in to a different hole so it is the foot that is faulty. Pimoroni sent me a replacement but that has the same problem. Looking at it closely it looks as if the faulty feet have slightly narrower threaded shafts.

Did you change the size of this piece and I have incompatible parts? Have you run into problems with this part?

If I carry on with the one I have it will be held in place by the printer resting on it.I don’t think this would affect the stability of the printer and cause any problems but I don’t know much about 3D printers. What do you think?

Same issue here. One of the feet screws in although the threads only bite right at the end. The other two are entirely loose.

Also tried them on the other end of the same riser, it’s loose on both, so not like one end was accidentally machined wider than the other.

I’m about halfway through building this so we’ll see, like you I don’t think it’ll be a major issue but it’s been a bit annoying a couple of times already during construction as the feet fall off as I move it to get at parts.

Same issue here - Pimoroni sent out more feet to me - same issue with those, too!