Vertex Delta crooked prints shift going higher


A week ago, I assembled my Vertex Delta. The first problem was that one of the 6 guiding rods shows machine marks and the buschings get stuck on it, so i disassembled it again and sanded the markings away until the bushing just slides over it, I would like to replace the rod but this cannot be ordered as spare part.

First issue is that after numerous leveling, bed leveling and callibration the nozzle still hits bed on one side on the first layer, the only way i can prevent this is by pushing the bed a little bit down on the first layer. My guess is this is because at calibration the front center is just between the two piezo sensors and the bed tilts a little bit at callibration.

After a few days of printing and a about 15 prints but my prints are still shifting if they go higher. also the sides are often not attached to the inline.
As a result of the shifting the inline is not perfect and on the back side the layer release from eachother. (see pictures).
The strang things is also that i don’t have the shifting issue when i slice with Slic3r engine but mostly with Cura.

Is the bed moving freely up and down?

Please read this from the manual:

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I have tried that but still the first layer is not correct see pircture of the brim.
As you can see there is allready a notch in the brim and no product on one edge

After the calibration do you save the settings?

yes bed leveling, home, height and autocalibrate, then store settings

Can you post a picture of the build?
The arms in particular en where the magnetic balls are.

You may not think it matters but the twist in the cable is wrong.
You need to make it look like the picture in the instructions.
This should fix the problem.

The twist should look like this.

Yes I know, I did an extra twist to test if that was the issues, undone it, reprinted but still the same issue

If you still have issues, here is an idea: where are the belts located on the pulleys? Take a photo of the three pulleys.
I realized that the belts tend to move on the pulleys towards the front - possibly impacted by the tilt/height of the foots on each corner.
I realized that the best location of the belts on the pulleys is exactly in the middle.
If they tend to move to one end it may impact the print. Just a thought.

Hello SteveL,

  • Check for every tower the belt tension as suggested above.
  • Endstop height also important.
  • Set the trim potentiometer (piezo sensitivity setting) in the middle.

You can print this test print for checking the piezo’s on the ring =>
First layer is very important. Not too high or too deep in buildtak.

If calibration are not oke or first layer => follow everything / step here: § Calibration issues. These solve a lot of problems. Check every step and adjust where possible.

Every time the printer is moved or the printhead is manipulated (printhead reconnect) => Calibrate the 3D printer again!

***Even if the printer does not calibrate correctly: (crashing in print bed, 1st layer not correct during printing, faltering noise during calibration or bed leveling). Check the above tips and adjust where necessary until oke. + calibrate again after each change.

For the rods you can create a ticket here: on our customercare service platform. Take a picture of bad rods to show us. Also check the distance of the sleds (§ calibration issues guide => link above).

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