Vertex Delta autohome not working

Hi I just assembled Vertex Delta printer but when I click auto home option is only homes 2 axis and the third goes down and not up. What could be wrong? I’m attaching video. In the URL. Streamable Video

I also noticed that the motor on the bottom is skipping but I can move it freely by hand and I also tried making the belt looser and tighter. Streamable Video

Hi welcome,
Have you checked the wires and connectors, both from the motor and from the top detection. You can swap the connector on the motor to see if the problem still occurs.
Otherwise, I think you have a motherboard issue, and you must contact your supplier.

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Hello @HelloItsMeAdm ,

We have seen the video, we think there’s a problem with the stepper driver on mainboard.
You can create a new ticket here on our Customer Care Service.
So we can help you further.

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Velleman Support