Vertex Delta and Octopi

Hi everyone! Now that my Vertex Delta is printing pretty much everything I throw at it, I thought a nice next step would be to have a Raspberry Pi 3B I had laying around control the printer using Octopi. Installation went without any issues, however I can’t get Octoprint to connect to the printer. I have tried two different USB cables and both are having the same result: when I try to connect, the Vertex Delta reboots, comes back up but Octoprint is hanging at “Connecting” and eventually times out. Anyone recognize this behavior and/or got it working? I’m powering the Pi through the micro USB port and an external power supply. Don’t know if that’s relevant…

OK. Some progress made! Did some more searching on the web and found out that the Delta communicates at 500000 baud. This was not a standard baudrate in Octoprint. I added it (Settings => Serial => Additional Baud Rates) and now I have a connection. It still reboots at connection, but afterwards it does connect! Now to try and print something from Octoprint… I will report back if people are interested.

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Hi @deltauser,

We have been working with Octoprint for a while now to remotely control the Delta. This works very smooth and you are able to hide all the extra hardware under the printbed!
We will make sure to write a blog post about this in the near future so you can do this yourself by following a step-by-step tutorial!

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Great stuff!.Looking forward to that tutorial! Everything is working for me now and I’m currently printing a model and following the progress on my tablet. Don’t have a pi cam yet but it has been ordered and should be on its way. I was going to print a case for both the pi and the camera but now I’m holding that off until the tutorial comes out.

Like this?

You’ll need a raspberry, a switch to replace the inbuilt one, and a step down converter from 14v to 5v, looking into modelism for the last part is a good start.

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Where can i find this tutorial?

Hello ,
I read in this thread that there will be a blog post on how to connect a raspberry pi ( I’m thinking to use the Pi zero W ) and to hide it insied my delta printer.
Question is : where to grab the power for PI.

Hi @yellowdef, we will post the tutorial soon. We now have all the necessary products in stock :wink: !


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Any updates on the tutorial?

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Dear All,

Tutorial “Octopi and Vertex Delta K8800”, can be found here:


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Velleman support