Vellevan k8055 . the best board i try ever

I want to write something about k8055 board.
i try about 100 diferent I/O interface boards in my life . 3 months ago i find k8055 and i buy 4 boards
its the only interface that when i remove the usb from the pc nothing stack and when i put it back it continues to work perfect without any error , i attach and reattach the usb with a relay i make to find outif or when the k8055 will stack . the answer:NEVER … after 108.000 cycles (10 days of attach and reattach every 8 seconds) the board works like before. just perfect
wow finally someone(velleman) make the perfect interface

i use this code for automatic connection

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()' inervals of timer=1000

	Dim CardAddress As Long
	Dim h As Long
	If interfacenumber.Text = "" Then
		Exit Sub
	CardAddress = interfacenumber.Text
	h = OpenDevice(CardAddress)
	Select Case h
		Case 0, 1, 2, 3
			Label6.Caption = "Controller " + Str(h) + "  connected"
			Shape3.FillColor = vbGreen
		Case -1
			Label6.Caption = "Chiller Controller " + Str(CardAddress) + "  Not connected"
			Shape3.FillColor = vbRed
	End Select
	If h >= 0 Then
		Timer5.Enabled = True
End Sub