Velleman VMA421 specs


Me and a friend are looking into the the water pump VMA421, we are planning to do a simple home brewery, and using the pump during the mashing. For this however, we have two questions about VMA421:

  1. Can it be used for beer, ie, will it give taste or any particles?
  2. Can it be operated in the temperature range 60-80 C and still hold for Q1.

Thanks in advance

Hi @mandolinmicke,

Sounds like a nice project!
We have never tested the VMA421 for beer and cannot confirm if it is suitable for that.
However, we think it will be the hose you use that will make the biggest difference.

We will get back with the temperature specifications.

Kind regards,

thanks for the quick responce,

The tubing should not be a problem, we will use the same type if silicon tubing we are using during cooling.
And the temperature data would be appreciated!
Have you done any gest regarding bevrages, hot or cold?


Hi @mandolinmicke

We can confirm that the maximum working temperature is 60°C.
We have tested the VMA421 with water at 10°C and 50°C. Operation was flawless.
However, we can not confirm that this module is suitable for beverages that are used for human consumption, since we do not have the proper documents for that.

Kind regards,