Velleman soldering kit MK103 - no worky

Hi, I about to start making projects with arduino but first I needed to learn soldering so I bought the velleman soldering kit.
the first project MK102 works fine.

Then the second project MK103 - I can’t get it to work, so I was wondering if it is simply because I have some joints overlapping each other? Also, 2 leds were missing in the kit so I have only 2 on the board - but would that cause any problems?

Yes the leds will cause problems.
The leds are connected in series.
So if one led is not placed none of them will work.
As you can see in the schematic here … 3_rev1.pdf
If you supply your address to supportatvellemandotbe
and a link to this topic we’ll send a pair of leds to you.

Best Regards,

Okay thank you very much