Velleman soldeerstation

Soldeerstation vtssc40n komt niet op temperatuur.

Hello @willemmieke
Trying to understand your issue…
Is this a new one or did the solderstation have work in the past ?

Have you check the fuse (at the rear: fuse holder (250V/1A 5x20mm: FF1N)) ?
Have you check the soldering iron connection ?
Have you check the soldering iron ?
Have you “Switch the device on by means of the on/off switch and set the desired temperature by means of the pushbuttons.” ?

Maybe a carefull reading of the User manual :

Trying to help
Have a good day !

Hello Willemmieke,

If all these things what “PPAC” says, should not help.

Then you can bring it back to the local shop where you bought this soldering station, for a RMA REQUEST.

Maybe a spare soldering iron can also help: VTSSC40N/SP

Best Regards,
Velleman Support