Velleman p8095 broken?


I’ve recently built the p8095 mp3 player kit. This though, after booting up, didn’t seem to have a working paly/pause button. After further inspection with help of the circuit diagram, I noticed the line running to the push button was connected to the wrong pin, shorting the output of the main ic to ground. Also, I’ve noticed that on the circuit diagram r27 should be in between the main ic and sw1, but that is not the case. I hope you have a solution to this, otherwise I’ll go back to the shop where I bought it and return it, because it really makes me sad as I was so excited to make this kit.


Jochem van Dolder

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
All the SW labels are “below” the switch symbols on the circuit diagram.
The label SW1 is indeed very near SW2 symbol.
So R27 is between SW2 and the main IC3.