Velleman LABPS3005DN


I used in past the LABPS3005D Power Supply by controlling it from USB/Serial I/F with the following commands type:

Now I’m using the new LABPS3005DN and I do not know if it uses the same serial commands (I found troubles to connect and command it using the same application done for the LABPS3005D).
Could you in case send me the relevant Series Protocol of Remote Control doc which the list of commands are included in as well as the connection procedure?


I have a new (to day) LABPS3005DN, *IDN? = QJE3005PV1.0, Sn 597627, and I got the commands to work by appending \n - no not the carriage return, the actual characters backslash and lowercase n. no 0x0A (newline) or 0x0D ( carriage return) As:

That has to be a bug !
I’ll be checking the rest of the protocol, as far as I can.
Where didyou find the command list ?

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Hello TeBZ,

We can only share the communication protocol. but on this we can’t give support nor on own written software. we can only support the deliverd software.

Communication protocol for LABPS3005:

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Velleman support

Thanks !
I will write it my self :slight_smile:
And there are some time after some commands, when it doesn’t reply.
The STATUS replies with 3 characters, not 2 bits. I think the 3rd from the end are over-current indicator.