Velleman LAB2 Osilloscope

Does the signal generator connect internally to the oscilloscope or do we use a patch cable?

Have not looked at manual yet.


These are not internally connected to each other.

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In the manual it shows signal generator running and oscilloscope reading.

There are no probes attached to either.

In Demo mode are you reading function generator with oscilloscope?

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These are just photo’s to show the functions.

On page 4 in manual at “Generator” is listed:
(useful if connected to the oscilloscope, for demonstration or testing). => so it means not internally connected.

Our engineer confirmed it also, these are not connected internally to each other.

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The connection is made only via a connecting cable.
Pay attention to the allowable voltage level at the input. In your case, you can get by with a probe without a divider, but for the safety of the device, especially if you are a beginner, it is better to use a probe with a divider of 1:10. In addition, the probe with a divider has a significantly lower capacitance, eliminating the influence of the connecting cable on the behavior of the device under test. There will be fewer obscure glitches.

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VEL450 Did not get a notification that you posted again.Sorry.

Guess it is better they do not have a switch to connect them.

Makes it more certain to protect each section.


As far as input voltage we are dealing with 5 volt PIC microcontroller circuits for now.

There are capacitors.Do not know if they would build up enough to make over voltage.

Will keep that in mind about setting probe it came with to 1/10 setting with little switch on it.