Velleman-Kit K2636 5.5A speed Controller

Good morning
Velleman-Kit K2636 5.5A speed Controller.

When I assembly the circuit I installed all diodes the wrong way round (reverse polarity). Mains voltage applied to circuit, blew circuit board 5A fuse F2. No surprise there. I am assuming that 240v has destroyed some if not all the circuit ICs etc.
I have removed all the diodes, tested with a resistance meter ( they all seem ok) and installing them the correct way round, VAC and Motor outputs have an output of 240v AC.
With no blown fuses.
The small red LED is unlit.
Schematic diagram in the kit has no voltages to enable fault finding. Is there one available, or do you feel that the kit is destroyed beyond repair.

many thanks RKW

Hard to tell what happened.
Just to be sure, replace all semiconductors (diodes and transistors).
Make sure to apply 230VAC to both MAINS and VAC LOAD terminals.