Velleman k8055 usb experiment interface board

Hi All, Just had 1 problem solved for this board.You have to turn up att1 and att2 to maximum for the analog inputs to work properly even if the jumpers are removed.
I have loaded k8055D.dll into the windows folder which also contains system 32. It is suggested somewhere in the documentation that you can do this.
Now I assume the next step would be to get hold of the C++ programming language to communicate with the board. Examples are given.
The arduino programming language is based on C++. I have done a lot of programming on the arduino nano board. Therefore I am wondering if I can communicate with the k8055 via the arduino language.
If this is possible can anybody give me the arduino code for connecting to the board and then say do something simple like reading the analog inputs.
The only other alternative is to download C++ to communicate with the board this way.