Velleman k8047 / PCS10 update sowtware

I’m trying to get work my velleman K8047 4 ch datalogger with win10… but no success
I tried to use PClab2000se software bur´t no success… is there any sowtware to get this work ?

please tell me

all the best

-arto hautala-

What version of the PCLAB2000SE are you using?
The versions 4.05 and 4.07 should work on Windows 10 too.
The latest version 4.07 is available here

I’m using version 4.05 and I tested version 4.07 both don’t work…

is it possible to program that PIC16C745 again to fix the problem ?

The problem may be also related to the other parts of the K8047.
Please check carefully the assembly and soldering joints.
If everything looks OK, please check the following:

  • Do there appear two new devices under the ‘Human Interface Devices’ in the Device Manager when the the K8047 is connected to the PC?

thank you for your answer and good help…
I’m not at home today but I’ll test it tomorrow…I think hardware is OK because it worked with earlier OS
win7 very well…
thank you

yes there appears new HID-compliant vendor-defined device and USB Input Device

it seems to me that my problem has solved…
I used to connect that k8047 to deltago 7 connectors active usb hub
but now I find it k8047 must be connected straight to my desktop computer
front panel usb connector :blush: and it works well :slight_smile::smiley:
thank you for your help !

No problem, I’m glad you resolved the issue!


lot of thanks for your good help and fast communicating

have fun
all the best