Velleman K4040 replacement power switch

Hi, Im looking for a replacement power switch for the Velleman K4040 tube amp. The switch is acting up and it wont turn off anymore. It only goes to standby or on position.

I have physically looked at the switch but no brand or part# is printed on it.
It looks like a 3 position 2 pole miniature toggle switch but its sideways soldered on the PCB and it has a black plastic 1/4 inch wide toggle lever.

Does anybody what brand and part # it is or where to buy one ?

Thx, I appreciate it.

Hello @RedViking ,

We don’t have this switch anymore in our product range.
But the type of this switch is a “MINIATURE ROCKER SWITCH” ON-ON-ON (Gold plated).
Product code of manufacturer: 300DP6R2

Possibly you’ll find here a replacement switch:
300DP6R series: Schakelaars | Tuimelschakelaars | DigiKey

Schakelaars | Tuimelschakelaars | DigiKey

Best regards,
Velleman Support

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Thank you, I appreciate it.