Velleman Earth Listener I2C error

Hi! I got my dad an earth listener, and after making sure all the connections are in place on startup the display shows:

CCS811 status: I2C_ERROR
AS3935 status: NOT FOUND
BME280 status: NOT FOUND

None of the sensors also report the correct data. The product also had some cracks on the display straight out of the box. Could it be that the product is broken?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Hi poor,

Is it possible to upload clear (hi res) photo’s of your connections from sensor?
Maybe a wrong connection. make sure both jumper mus be disconnected.

*Make Sure SDA of sensor boards are connected to SDA of mega sensor shield *
and SCL of sensor boards to SCL of mega sensor shield, for i2c bus connection.

Best regards,
Velleman Technical Support