Variation importante de la température de l'extrudeur!

La température de l’extrudeur n’est plus stable ! elle varie énormément !

comment y remédier ?

merci d’avance

Bonsoir and hi guschti,

please check that the thermistor is correctly placed inside the small hole in the heater block.

If thermistor and fan are on the same side of the extruder, cold air from the fan could also be responsible for varying temperatures measured by the thermistor. In that case, turn the heater block by 180° or relocate the fan, so that the airflow hits the side opposite of the thermistor.
Additionally, a stripe of kapton tape or similar heat resistant material can be put above the thermistor hole to reduce the airflow at that point. Just make sure that the thermistor wires are still insulated against each other and the heater block to prevent any short circuit.